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I’m a bilingual Motorcycle Technician with experience working in a range of several brands and models of motorcycles. I’m also have a B.A Business & Finance.

I came to UK to grow professionally, they have everything for motorcycles and for those who love this sport; UK has an interesting story about our passion for two wheels, beginning with its Cafe Racers and all excellent organization on this as it is BMF (British Motorcycle Federation), also a memorable story of riders such as Alan Barnett, Harry Stafford, the living legend John McGuinness tt, to name only three of a list that exceeds 30 outstanding names. Without leaving behind the famous Triumph….yes, Triumph Motorcycles with three pistons and that peculiar sound.

But my real passion is Ducati. And the motorbike to which I owe such devotion to the brand, is the 916, it was my first sport bike and of course … my first love.


  • Motorcycle Technician. DUCATI AYLESBURY / OnYerBike, LTD – UK. (2017- Actual Job)

Main duties:

Do any service that the bike require such as:
–¬†Scan with the DDS 2.0 (Ducati Software) for any faults or model actualization

– Timing belts/ Tightening or change

– Valves clearance

– Forks maintenance

– Code spare keys with DDS Software

– Complete installation of the Tracking System on any Ducati

– Use the DGS to check on recent recalls or workshop manuals.

– Complete service in all Ducati models (not in Desmosedici RR or Superleggera models):

– Oil Change/Filters/ Reset oil service light with DDS 2.0 Software

– Change Tires and balancing

– Chain kit installation in any bike

– Change brakes/ Pads/ Calipers/ bleeding

– Change coolant/ hoses/ radiator/ fan/ test fan operation with DDS 2.0 Software

– PDI jobs in Ducati/Kawasaki/Aprilia/MotoGuzzi

– Servicing all the fallowing bikes models: Ducati/Kawasaki/Aprilia/MotoGuzzi.

– Prepare the bike to pass the MOT

– Keep all the job recorded under job cards

– Keep the workshop clean

– Report all the work done to the manager.

  • Chief Mechanic. Delta Motorbikes LTD, London. UK (2015 – 2017)

Main duties:

– Repair all kind of motorbikes that arrive in the workshop. (2T or 4T)
– Prepare list of parts for each motorcycle.
– Prepare list of supplies that the workshop might need.
– Do a weekly report of the main motorcycles issues.
– Deal with customers either face to face or by phone.
– Sell brand new and second hand motorcycles.
– Register in the system all the data to print the invoice.
– Prepare and test the bike for pass MOT.
– Keep in perfect order the workshop.
– Open and close the workshop.

  • Assistant Chief Mechanic. Team: Moto Tecnix. Motorcycle: Yamaha YZF / R6. Sub Champions 2014 Superstock Open 600-Spain Cup.

Main duties:

– Disassembly and reassembly of complete engine
– Valves adjustment
– Electrical test procedure
– Heaters
– Pre load suspensions
– Change brake system
– Change of fluids
– Check list: torques and other routine procedures.
– Take the rider times
– Show times on the blackboard.

  • Ducati 916 Biposto: Restoration work

– Complete fairing paint job (Front and tail in fiber carbor original ducati corse parts)
– Complete clutch kit / Clutch pump
– New rear brake disk
– Complete Showa kit service (Front)

  • Re-assemble engines¬†(motorcycle brands): Ducati, KTM, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and scooters


  • Harley Davidson Sportster 883 head gasket cylinder service + Complete service.


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